What is a crime ? A Midnight Express tribute

Well, it’s been a while since the need of producing music is knocking at my door. So, during lasts month I bought a couple of electronic music-related stuff. Some iPad virtual synth, some Propellerheads Rack extension, but…

Even though I’m using Propellerheads for a lot of time now ( since version 3 as far as I remember), I’ve always been a bit frustrated with using virtual synth and not the real one. Well, buying the physical counterpart for each of Reason Studio virtual synth is an unaffordable dream, that’s for sure, but some nice pieces were available on Facebook Marketplace as well as in second-hand shops next to my place. So, I’ve spent some money!

So here is a picture of a part of my home music production setup, mainly the electronic instruments. I think each one would deserve a separate post, I hope to write about them anytime soon.

The last part I bought is this ugly but yet to be discovered Korg Volca Bass :

It’s a tiny plastic box, running thanks to 6 LR6 battery, which is only producing pure analog bass line. There is a lot of YouTube videos and article which demonstrate what this box can, much better than I could.

Anyway, yesterday evening, inspiration was not there. I was wondering what I could do with it. Analog … Bass … Vintage … Midnight Express ! Yes, I’m talking about the movie original soundtrack composed by Gergio Moroder.
Well Ok, I’m not Giorgio Moroder, but I wanted to pay my little tribute to this film soundtrack. I plugged some stuff, started Reason Studio and after a couple of hours, here is the result.

I’m not especially proud of this track, but it has been fun to produce!

What do you think about it?